All Shopping, All Night

“For those of you who just tuned in, I’m showing off a fantastic movie box set. Yes, it’s me, your old friend Mason. Danny will be selling on the regular channel. This treat is a special project of ours and I’m here to help it grow and, as always, fulfill your needs.” Mason grinned. “And, speaking of needs, let me list the wonderful movies in this collection. We’ve got Sally Cum Quickly, Cocksuckers in Space, The Wizard of Ass, Everyone Fucks Polly, and my personal favorite, Strap-on Sue.”

Mason disappeared and a video clip started playing. Pussy filled the screen, then stubby fingers started rubbing the swollen lips. Someone moaned; Ella assumed it was the cunt’s owner.

“Fuck me. Hurry!”

The camera zoomed out so that Ella could see both people in entirety. The girl’s bleached blonde hair covered half of her face. She was bent over a table while a man played with her clit. She tossed her hair about as she groaned. Her lips were parted and her eyes closed.

Suddenly, the man rammed his penis inside her and yanked her hair. “You still want this dick?” Ella leaned forward, phone forgotten. The man wasn’t that cute, but the muscles on his legs stood out as he fucked the woman.

Just as quickly as it had come on, the scene switched. A different girl knelt on the ground, her mouth full with her partner’s cock. His ass shuddered and he pulled out, jerking off until his semen spurted onto her face. The woman giggled, rubbing it into her skin and licking her fingers.

“Oh, come on. Does anyone actually do that?”

Elle had to admit she was intrigued by both the pictures and the idea. The man rubbed the head of his penis over the girl’s face. Ella slid her finger over her jaw in the same way, imagining she was the one about to get a facial.

Mason popped back on the screen. “There’s plenty more where those came from and I know you want more. And remember, it’s only 29.99.” He was sweating more than he had been the previous night. “And just to prove that we know you’ll love them as much as we do, we’ll throw in another special offer. Call in the next ten minutes, and shipping is on us. Come on, what have you got to lose?”

“Not a damn thing.” Ella fumbled for her dropped phone. As it rang, she realized she’d memorized the number. Maybe it was time for another visit to her counselor.

“Hello. Welcome to All Shopping, All Night where your pleasure is our concern. This is Amber, how may I help you?”

“Amber, does anyone work the phones besides you?”

The operator laughed. “How are you, Ella?”

“Please tell me you have caller ID.”

“I recognized your voice.”

Yep, it was definitely time to make that appointment. “Oh. Well then, I’d like to order the box set. Of the movies.”

“Excellent. Let me make sure I still have your information in the computer. There it goes. You know what? I’m going to include something special for you, Ella. I think it’ll help enhance your movie experience.”