Clean Corrine

I pick up my sandwich and dig in. She watches me eat before following my lead. Her eyes dart to her fork. I know the effort it takes for her not to use it. Corrine is impeccably clean and fastidiously tidy. I’d considered myself a neat freak until I met her. Corrine, Corrine, the Clean Queen blows me right out of the competition.

She takes a bite and sauce smears on her bottom lip. Her pink tongue creeps out to lick it all off. I munch my food, trying to appear unaffected. Truthfully, there isn’t much the girl can do that doesn’t get me hot and bothered. Hot from the way my body melts when she’s around me. Bothered because I’m too damn chicken to do anything about it.

I dream of taking her on her pristine counters until they’re stained with the juices dribbling out of her pussy. I think of eating her on the freshly vacuumed carpet, the scent of Springtime Rain mingling with the aroma of her cunt. I want her bare assed and dirty so I can fuck her against the walls of my shower.