Dirty Little Secret

“Don’t make me wait like that again.” She bit the side of my neck. “Cunt.”

I laughed in her face. “Yes, Senator.” I peeled back the lapels of her robe. “Anything else, Senator?”

Janice slapped my cheek lightly. “Don’t get smart with me.” She kissed me again as she slid her hand between my legs. “Get on the desk.”

She sat in the large, leather seat and watched me climb on to the hard wooden surface and put my feet on her arm rests. Her fingers stroked my pussy until I started grinding my pelvis against her hand.

“I really should make you suffer first.” She blew on my cunt, the calm expression returning to her face. “But that wouldn’t be much fun for either of us, now would it?”

I shook my head, hating her composure when I wanted her so much.

Her tongue made a single pass over my clit. “You should thank me.”

“Th-thank you, Senator.” My hands felt numb from the death grip on the desk.

“You’re welcome.”

She went to work in earnest, her tongue flicking me into oblivion.

I heard a beep and we looked around in confusion. Then, it sounded again.

“Oh my god, oh my god.” She tore away from me and pulled her robe tight around her body. “That’s the doorbell.” Janice grabbed my arm and shoved me under the desk. “Stay there and be quiet.” I heard the door open.

“I came by to get some papers. I’m glad you’re here. I need to ask you some questions.” The speaker’s voice was deep and even.

“This can’t wait until later? I was about to take a bath.” Janice sounded flustered. It was easy to picture her running her hands over her delicious little neck.

“It won’t take long. Why don’t we sit down?”

I heard Janice sigh. “Fine. Let’s get this over with.”

Her legs slid in front of my face. I kissed her knee and she patted me on the head. My fingers grazed the back of her calves until she jumped and pinched my cheek.

“Are you okay, Senator?”

“Just chilly. Now so what’s so important?”