La Belle Starr

Belle peered ahead as the horses slowed down. “I think we’re stopping here for the night. You’ll bunk with me.” She swept the hair from Ginger’s neck and kissed it softly before dismounting.

Sam pulled Ginger off the horse and pointed towards the edge of the clearing. “There’s a hot water spring beyond the trees. We’ll have some food ready by the time you and Belle are finished.” He gave her a knowing leer.

Ginger squared her shoulders, refusing to let the outlaw get to her. “Thank you, I’m sure it will be refreshing,” she said, taking her bag from his hand. Ginger limped towards the spring, anxious to soak the soreness from her muscles. Belle was her secondary concern. There was no doubt in her mind that Belle would again try to seduce her; it was only a question of how difficult Ginger planned to be before she gave in.

Ginger spied Belle on the bank. She lit a lantern, then climbed into the water. Her mouth curved up into a smile. Oh yes, she planned to turn the tables on Belle Starr.

She stripped off her clothes and stepped into the water, careful to stay directly across from the other woman. She sighed, enjoying the heat on her muscles. The ground curved into a natural ledge, and Ginger sat so that the water went up to her shoulders.

“Feels good, doesn’t it? It’s one of my favorite springs.”

“You come here often?”

“It’s close to several towns. Nice and secluded. We don’t have to worry about people finding us. Soap?”

Ginger opened her eyes. Belle stood over her, soap in hand. “Need help?”

Ginger nodded, smiling up at Belle. “That would be lovely.”

Surprise flashed across Belle’s face, but she recovered quickly. “Stand over here.” She ran the soap down Ginger’s arms, raising them to get her sides.


“What now, Red?”

Ginger grinned at the brusqueness in Belle’s voice. She was obviously trying to regain control of herself. “You like women?”

Belle started cleaning her back. “Sometimes I want a man, sometimes I like the taste of a woman.”

Ginger leaned over so Belle could clean her buttocks. She made sure to poke her hips out. “I know what you mean.”