“Come here, this is what I wanted to show you.”

She directed Berlyn to the computer and gestured for her to sit. Her body pressed against Berlyn’s as she worked the mouse. Berlyn was all too aware of the breasts on her back and the lightly perfumed hair on her shoulder.

“These are for my next exhibit.” Meggie pushed the mouse over. Berlyn clicked through the images, her eyes fixed on each scene. “Meggie, these are fabulous. I’m serious.” Like Stretch, they featured many semi-nude models, but this batch exhibited something deeper than its predecessor. In her excitement, she almost forgot about the artist, until she felt a light pressure on her thigh. Previous mixed signals be damned, this gesture sent a message loud and clear.

She decided to take the bait. “Trying to seduce me into booking Stretch?”

Meggie swept the hair off Berlyn’s shoulder, and kissed her neck. “Not at all. I’m trying to seduce you into posing for me.”

Berlyn snapped her head around, expecting to see that Meggie was joking. The artist looked calmly back at her; evidently, she was serious. “You’ve got to be kidding.”

“You’d make a great model. I saw it as soon as I met you.” Her hands massaged Berlyn’s legs. “I’ve been planning the shoot all afternoon.”

Berlyn squirmed. “I couldn’t be in the exhibit. I wouldn’t be right.” Her mind struggled to remember why as Meggie’s fingers crept higher. “It’s not me.”

“Why not? No one else will know.” She kissed the nape of Berlyn’s neck, sliding her tongue up to the hairline. “I’ll pose with you.”

Berlyn shivered. She should get up and walk away. The last thing she needed was racy photos floating around to her colleagues. She didn’t know Meggie. The pictures could easily be used to blackmail her down the road. The right course of action was to tell this obviously deranged woman that there was no way in hell she’d agree. “Okay. Let’s do it.”