“Don’t take it off,” I begged, as she started to lift the hem of the shirt. “Leave it on a while longer.”

Confusion flitted over her beautiful face, but then her easygoing smile returned. “If that’s what you want.” She pointed to her baggy sweatpants. “Can these go?”

I giggled, although it wasn’t really funny. Nerves must have been getting the best of me. “Toss em.”

Toss them she did, after making a big show of taking them off. Finally, she got the pants to her ankles and kicked them on to the floor. She twirled to show me her undies. “You like?”

The boy shorts hugged her ass beautifully. I stroked the round hips gently, fighting the urge to sink my teeth into the soft flesh. Instead, I pushed her forward and plunged my fingers deeper between her legs. Her cunt was astoundingly warm. I thought about how it would feel to be in her and my body quivered. She moaned—something must have been to her liking. The only other thing that turns me on more than the feel of the girl is hearing the sounds she makes when I’m touching her.

Before I could go further, she pulled herself away and turned, looming over me. “I’m supposed to be helping you relax.” Tara eased onto my lap, slinging her arms over my shoulders. She brought her face closer to mine, her shiny lips parting. “Char…”